Task Reminders
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Task Reminders are the alerts or notifications that comes to a user before his/her task execution date and time. In Zonka Feedback, you can set up reminders while assigning a task to your concerned user. 

You can define the time frame while setting up the reminder, i.e, how many minutes/hours/days before the task due date and time, the user should get the task alerts.

To set up the task reminder, follow the steps.

  1. Navigate to Tasks on left side bar and click on Add Tasks button OR click on (+) icon in the left side bar and click on Add Task in the menu. 

  2. Once clicked, you get a pop up named Add Task. Fill up the all the fields. 

  3. Click on the Reminder option to get a drop down menu with all the available times to set the Reminder. Select the desired time you wish to have the reminder before the task due date and time. 

Reminders are sent to the email address of the User on Zonka Feedback.                        

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