How to add Tasks?
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Tasks are the to-do list or an assigned action that needs to be completed by yourself or by an assigned user. In Zonka Feedback, you can assign a task to a concerned user of the account or yourself for a certain action that needs to be done within a due date. 

Tasks are created or added when a certain action needs to be done by a user, like follow up with a customer, sending emails, meetings, calling and other important internal jobs. 

Tasks in Zonka Feedback can also be added against a specific response to a user. For example, if the response is negative, the admin may assign a task to the user to follow with the respective user and try to find out what went wrong with the services.

Adding Tasks in Zonka Feedback

To assign a task to a particular user, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the (+) on the left hand side navigation bar, and click on Add taskYou get a pop up with the name Add Task. Below are the fields you get in the pop up- 

  • Task Name - The name of the task you wish to give it

  • Type of task - This field help you to add the kind of task that is assigned to like to-do, normal task, call, meeting and email

  • Description - You can add the complete details on the task in a descriptive format which will help the assigned user to understand the task 

  • Due Date - You can set up the date and time by which the task should be completed by assigned user

  • Reminder - Choose the reminder time so that the assigned user gets the notification well before the task execution time and won't forget

  • Assign To - Choose this option to get a drop down menu with the list of users added in your account. Choose the user whom you want to assign the task

  • Once done adding the required fields, click on the Add button to complete.

Adding Tasks against a Specific Response 

To add a task against a specific response, follow the below steps.

  • Go to Response Inbox through the left navigation bar.

  • On the given list of responses, you get the option Add Task on the bottom left hand side of every response. Click on the option.

  • You get a pop up with the name Add Task.

  • The next steps are the same as above (adding tasks in Zonka Feedback) as you get the same fields in the pop up mentioned above to fill. Proceed to complete.

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