What are Tasks?
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Tasks are the actions or things to do that can be added by you or other Users in your Zonka Feedback account to execute an action. Tasks can be created for Responses and independently as well. When they're created with Responses, they stay associated with that Response and are considered to be Actions Taken for that Response. Tasks can be assigned to own self or to others while adding them. 

Task Notification

When the tasks are created and assigned to the concerned user, automatically a notification goes to the assigned user's Email Address, through which they about the assigned task. 

Adding Tasks for Responses

In Zonka Feedback, you can also assign a task to one of your users against a particular response. If a customer has given low ratings in his response, you can add a task for your team member against the same response to call the customer up and ask him what really made him rate you badly. You can assign this task to any team member or yourself and also mark a due date for this task. 

To assign a task to a particular user, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the (+) icon on the left hand side navigation bar, and click on Add task

  2. You get a pop up with the name Add Task. Below are the fields you get in the pop up

  • Task Name - The name of the task you wish to give it

  • Type of task - This field help you to add the kind of task that is assigned to like to-do, normal task, call, meeting and email.

  • Description - You can add the complete details on the task in a descriptive format which will help the assigned user to understand the task

  • Due Date - You can set up the date and time by which the task should be completed by assigned user

  • Reminder - Choose the reminder time so that the assigned user gets the notification well before the task execution time and won't forget

  • Assign To - Choose this option to get a drop down menu with the list of users added in your account. Choose the user whom you want to assign the task.

  3.   Once done adding the required fields, click on the Add button to complete.


Tasks Categories

 In Zonka Feedback account, you get 4 different categories of tasks. They are

  • All Tasks - This section gives you the complete list of all tasks that are assigned to the users including the pending, completed and overdue tasks.

  • Pending Tasks - This section gives you the list of tasks which is still pending and are yet to be finished by the user

  • Completed Tasks - This section gives you the list of all task which are completed by the assigned user

  • Overdue Tasks - This section gives you the list of the tasks which has crossed the due date and hasn't been completed by the assigned user   

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