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Tags are key-values that can be added to Responses. They offer a convenient way to segregate Feedbacks and Responses in your Response Inbox. Over time, when you get a lot of Survey Responses, Tags can be very handy to group and filter Responses of a similar type. You can add, remove, update Tags in the Response Inbox in Zonka Feedback. 

Why use Tags in Response Inbox?

Tags are like Labels for the Responses that can have many uses. 

  • To filter Responses in Response Inbox: When you have a large number of Responses, Tags help you easily filter the Responses. For instance, if you're taking feedback from customers after you have closed the ticket, you may want to filter responses based on the type of issue they had. 

  • As a Report Filter: When viewing Reports, filters become very important. Response Tags added in the Response Inbox can be used as Filters in Reports to view a segment of your Report based on the applied Filter. For instance, if you want to view the Report for all those that had a Service Issue, you can apply the Service Issue Tag as Filter and your entire report will be filtered on that parameter. 

In your Zonka Feedback account, you can easily add, remove and manage Response Tags. 

Adding Response Tags

To add the tag in Responses, follow these steps. 

  1. Navigate to Response Inbox from left side bar.

  2. Click on Assign Tags on whichever Response you'd like to add Response Tag on. 

  3. In the drop down, Search from existing Tags or Add a New Tag. Click on Apply and the Tag will be added. 

Removing Response Tags 

To remove a Response Tag from a Response, follow these steps. 

  1. Navigate to Response Inbox from left side bar.

  2. Hover to the Response and the Tag you'd like to remove. 

  3. Click on the cross (x) next to the Response Tag and the Tag will be removed immediately.  

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