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Assigning and Removing Locations to Users
Assigning and Removing Locations to Users

Give Users access to their particular Locations ๐Ÿ‘ค๐Ÿ“

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You can have multiple Users in your Zonka Feedback Account, and just like in your organization, the users don't always have access to all company data and locations. In Zonka Feedback as well, you can restrict the Locations to which the Users have access. This will ensure that they can view surveys, responses and reports only related to the Locations assigned to them. ย 

To assign and remove Locations to Users, follow these steps.ย 

  1. Go to Users (Manage > Users) from the left side bar. ย 

  2. From the list of Users, search and select all the Users for whom you'd like to manage (assign or remove) Locations.ย 

  3. Once you have selected the Users, the button Locations will appear below the search box on top of the User List table. Click on it and select from Assign Locations or Remove Locations.ย 

  4. A pop up will open up with the list of all the Locations from where you can select the Locations to be assigned or removed.ย 

  5. Once done, click on Apply to save the changes.ย 

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