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Filter User easily with User Labels 🏷️

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User Labels is a key value (like Tags) that can added to each User that helps you filter Users easily and keep Users organized. You can attach a label to each User, then filter the User based on their labels. 

Purpose of User Labels

User Labels can be very helpful in the following ways. 

  • To filter while searching for Users

  • To assign locations together to multiple Users 

  • To activate Alerts & Custom Notifications to multiple Users 

Adding User Labels

To add Labels to Users, follow these steps. 

  1. Navigate to Users (Manage > Users) 

  2. In the User List, search and select the Users for whom you'd like to Add or Remove User Labels. 

  3. Click on Add or Remove Labels and select the Labels you'd like to Add or Remove 

  4. Click on Apply and your changes would be saved. 

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