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Unsubscribing a Contact

Learn how to Unsubscribe a Contact πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ

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Contacts you add in your Zonka Feedback account can be sent Email & SMS Surveys. At times, the contacts may choose to not receive the SMS and Email Surveys and can Unsubscribe to the list. Alternatively, you can also manually unsubscribe them from within the account, on their request or for any other reasons.Β 

How can Contacts Unsubscribe themselves?

All Email Surveys sent from your Zonka Feedback account go with an Unsubscribe link. The contacts, when they receive the email, can click on the link and they will immediately Unsubscribed from any Surveys.Β 

To Unsubscribe a contact please follow the steps below

  1. Navigate to Contacts (Manage > Contacts).Β 

  2. Search and click on the Contact you'd like to Unsubscribe.Β 

  3. The Contact profile will open up and on the extreme right click on : icon. In the drop down, select Unsubscribe. The Contact will be Unsubscribed and they won't receive more email and SMS Surveys.Β 

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