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Contacts in Zonka Feedback are a list of people who have given feedback or whom you can invite for distributing surveys and collecting feedback from them. Each contact has its own unique information/properties that represent a particular contact. These properties are known as Contact Attributes.

Contact Attributes consists of details of that respective Contact such as Contact Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Country, Language and more which act as identifiers. In Zonka Feedback, there are some specific Attributes that belong to each contact.

To view the properties please follow the steps below: 

  1. Navigate to Contacts from the left side bar. 

  2. Search and find the Contact from the Contact List. Click on the Contact you'd like to view and edit. 

  3. Once you're inside the Contact Profile, you would see the Contact's Attributes like Name, Email, Mobile, External ID, Country, Language and Timezone. 

Default Contact Attributes

Email: The contacts email address. 

Mobile: The contacts phone number. 

Unique ID: The contact’s unique identifier. Anything such as Membership Id or Customer Id. Accepts alphanumeric values.

Note:  Contact's Name, Email, Mobile and Unique ID are considered as default. Among these Email Address or Mobile Number or Unique ID act as Unique Identifiers for a Contact.

Country: The contact's country of residence. This might be set manually or through import. 

Language: The contacts speaking language.

Timezone: The contact’s country of residence and the timezone over there. 

Note: All the Contact Attributes are editable. While importing the Contacts, you can also import the Contact Properties alongside. 

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