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What are Users?

Collaborate with your Team by adding them to your Zonka Feedback account 👥

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Users are your team members who you have given access to view and control information in your Zonka Feedback account. Users can be invited with their email address through which they are able to log into their Zonka Feedback account.  

Types of Users

There are different types of Users, based on their access, available in Zonka Feedback. These are. 

  • Account Owner — The Account Owner is the person who signed up for the Zonka Feedback account. Only the Account Owner can manage Subscription and Billing or make someone else the Account Owner. 

  • Admin — Admin users have complete access to all modules, except Subscription. There can be multiple Admins in an account. All Admins have access to all Locations. 

  • View & Respond — View & Respond Users can view Responses and Reports and can Respond to Survey Responses using Tasks and Notes. They don't have access to Subscription, Company Settings and Managing Users. 

  • View Only — View Only Users have access to view Responses and Reports. They don't have access to adding tasks, notes and no access to downloading and exporting data. 

  • Device Users — Device Users are Users that only can log into the Device to take feedback and manage Devices. They can't log into the Web Dashboard and thereafter can't see Dashboard, Responses, and Reports. 

How many Users can you add in your Account? 

The number of Users that you can add in your Account are based on the Subscription plan you are on. If you have reached the plan limit, you can upgrade to another plan or subscribe to more Users as Add-Ons.   

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