Creating Custom Contact Attributes

Learn how to add Custom Contact Attributes 🏷

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Contact Attributes are pieces of information stored with the Contact such as Contact Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Country, Language and more which act as identifiers. These are all Default Contact Attributes. Apart from this, you can create additional Custom Contact Attributes to gather or store information about your Contacts. These Attributes help in making your Contact Information rich and work as filters for Responses and Reports. 

Creating Custom Contact Attributes

To create Contact Attributes, follow these steps. 

  1. Navigate to Attributes (Manage > Contacts > Attributes) from left side bar. 

  2. Click on Add Attribute button on the top right side. 

  3. In the pop up form, fill the following information —
    Attribute Name — An easily recognizable name for the Attribute
    Attribute Type — This is the format of the Attribute. Choose from Text, Number, True or False, Date and Options. In case of Options, you can add the Options (called Attribute Values) while adding the Attribute
    Attribute Description — Add a description to your Attribute 

  4. The Contact Variable based on the Contact Attribute created gets automatically added. Click on Add to save the Attribute. 

Making Custom Attributes Visible 

Custom Attributes that are added by default are not visible in the Contact Profile page or in Filters. To make Custom Attributes visible, follow these steps. 

  1. Navigate to Attributes (Manage > Contacts > Attributes) from left side bar. 

  2. In the list of Attributes, search the Attribute you'd like to make visible. 

  3. Change the toggle to Make Visible for the Attribute that you'd like to make visible in the Contact Profile Page and in Filters. 

Adding Information for Custom Attributes

Once an Attribute has been added, you can go to Contact Detail page to update the information for the Contact or upload the Contact Attribute information while importing Contacts.  

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