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Learn how to Search and Filter Contacts 🔍

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Once you have many Contacts in your Zonka Feedback account, you may find the need to often Search and Filter the Contacts.

Ways to Search & Filter Contacts

To Search & Filter your Contacts, follow these steps. 

  • Search Box — Type in the Contact Name, Email Address or Mobile Number to search the Contact.

  • Search by List — Select the List from the List dropdown to find Contacts that have been added to a particular Contact List 

  • Search by Survey Response — Select the Surveys from the Survey dropdown to find Contacts that have responded to a particular Survey. 

  • Filters — There are multiple Filters you can use while Searching for Contacts. These include:
    · Source: The source of the Response like Online, Email, SMS, Tablet
    · Last Response: Date Range when the last response was submitted by the Contact
    · Contact Attributes: like Country, Language, Time Zone, Anniversary, Birthday
    · Custom Contact Attributes 

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