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Learn how to export Contacts and Information from Zonka Feedback 📤

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Once you start receiving Survey Responses with Contact Information in Zonka Feedback, you may want to export Contacts into a CSV file. All contacts can easily be exported from Zonka Feedback in a CSV file. 

Contacts include All Contacts, Contacts with No Responses, Contacts with Responses, Unsubscribed Contacts and Bounced Contacts. 

Why Export your Contacts?

If you need to access your Contacts offline or need the information to be uploaded to another software or document, you can Export your Contacts. Exporting data helps in making sure that you have the information available to you offline. In Zonka Feedback, you can export all your contact information. When you export a contact it gets stored as a CSV file. 

To export your contacts, follows these steps. 

  1. Go to Contacts from the left side bar.

  2. Click on the Export Contacts. 

  3. Your contacts would get exported and saved as a CSV file in your computer.

What information and columns will be included when you Export Contacts?

When you export the Contacts, all the columns in your Contacts Table will be downloaded. This includes all the columns of the table that are visible, as well as those that are hidden. The Contact Columns include: 

  • Default Columns

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Mobile

  • Unique ID

  • Added On

  • Responses

  • Last Response

  • Lists

  • Default Contact Attributes (Learn more about Contact Attributes) 

  • Country

  • Language

  • Time Zone

  • Birthday

  • Anniversary

  • Gender

  • Custom Contact Attributes that you may have created (What are Custom Contact Attributes?) 


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