Importing Contacts

Learn how to import Contacts to your Zonka Feedback Account 📥

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Importing Contacts 

After setting up your surveys, the next step is to send out (distribute) the Surveys. But to whom? To Contacts that you add in your Zonka Feedback account. If you're looking at sending Email & SMS Surveys from Zonka Feedback, you can add Contacts in your account whom you'd be sending these surveys to.

The Contacts can be added manually or can also be imported in bulk. 

Benefits of Importing Contacts

There are multiple benefits of Importing Contacts to your Zonka Feedback account.

  1. Prevents the hassle of adding Contacts manually one-by-one

  2. Allows you to upload a bulk of Contacts together

  3. Helps eliminate data error

  4. Is very quick and easy, especially if you have the required information available in a CSV file or an Excel sheet

Importing Contacts

  1. Navigate to Contacts from left side bar.

  2. Click on Import CSV button on the top right hand side. 

  3. A pop up will open up to Import the Contacts. Here you can upload a CSV file or Spreadsheet which has all your Contacts to be uploaded. Download a sample spreadsheet to see the format for your CSV file. 

  4. Once your file is uploaded, your contacts will get added in your account.

What information and columns should be included when you Import Contacts?

When you import the Contacts, all the columns in your CSV file or Spreadsheet get added. Format your import data correctly on your computer to prevent any errors when importing contacts. You can download a sample spreadsheet to see the format. 

The Contact CSV Columns can include the following —

Default Information

  • Name — Name of the Contacts.

  • Email Address — Email address of the Contacts.

  • Mobile — Mobile Number of the Contacts.

  • Unique ID — Contact's Unique Identifier information. This can be anything that you use like Membership ID, Customer ID, Company ID, Patient ID. The Unique ID can be alphanumeric.

Note: At least Email Address or Mobile Number is mandatory for the Contact to be added.

Default Contact Attributes (Learn more about Contact Attributes) 

  • Country 

  • Language

  • Time Zone

  • Birthday

  • Anniversary

  • Gender 

The above default contact attributes are additional information that makes your contact richer. 

While importing Contacts, you can add them to Contact Lists. 

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