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Here's an introduction to the all the navigation changes at the Zonka Feedback Platform. 🌐

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Driven by customer feedback and new feature roll outs, we have restructured our navigation for easy browsing and accessing everything important quickly.

Here’s what’s new:

  1. Dashboard and Manage Surveys are merged in the all new all-in-one-dashboard.

  2. Users, Devices and Locations have moved to Settings.

  3. Settings has two new main sections β€” Company Data and Users.

  4. Contact Attributes has moved to Settings > Company Data.

  5. Locations and Devices has moved to Settings > Company Data.

  6. Users section in Settings has three submenu options β€” All Users, Device Users and Agents.

On the left side of your Zonka Feedback platform, you can see the main navigation menu through which you can navigate between sections with one click. In this article, we will cover everything in the Zonka Feedback Platform navigation. Read on ⬇️

πŸ“Œ Note
Account admins can view and access all sections when logged in. Users with other roles will be able to access sections that they have access to.


Dashboard is your Zonka Feedback Platform Home Page. It is where you can view and manage your workspaces and surveys from. The dashboard has two views that you can switch between β€” Grid View and List View.

At the Dashboard, you can view:

  • Workspaces β€” Workspaces are like folders to organize your surveys. View all Workspaces on the left side and the surveys within the workspace on the right side. Create, edit, delete and manage workspaces from the dashboard. Learn more about Workspaces here.

  • Surveys β€” Create, manage and delete surveys, move surveys between workspaces, view survey responses, metrics, channels used and active integrations used in the survey.

Response Inbox

View all your responses and feedback in the Response Inbox. You can manage, filter, view in detail, and take action on responses from here.


Contacts are people who have been added or imported to your Zonka Feedback platform to distribute surveys, as well as those who have responded to any survey. You can add, import, manage, and delete Contacts from here.


You can add tasks for yourself and your team within Zonka Feedback to take action on the feedback and close the loop. From here you can create, edit, complete and delete tasks.


With Zonka Feedback, you can automate actions, optimize efficiency and manage feedbacks better. In the Automation section, you can create Workflows, set up Auto Responders and Auto Tagging for your surveys.

Add Button

This global Add Button is super handy to quickly create new Surveys, add Contacts, Tasks, Users and Locations without individually going into any tab.


What's New

Read all the latest news and updates of new features, improvements, and bug fixing here.


Manage Settings for your Account from here. Settings have been revamped with this new navigation release. Here's all you can manage in your new Settings.

  • Account β€” Manage General Company Data (Logo, Country, Timezone), SSO, User Settings, Survey Throttling, White Labelling and Task Type.

  • Users β€” Manage All Users, External Users and Device Users.

  • Company Name β€” Manage Response Tags, Contact Attributes, Locations and Devices.

  • Email Surveys β€” Manage Survey Sender Email, Sender Domain Authentication and view Email Survey Logs.

  • SMS Surveys β€” Manage SMS Sender ID and view SMS Survey Logs.

  • Developers β€” Manage APIs, Webhooks and Web Client for adding workspace-based JS client to your web pages.

Your Profile

Manage your Profile, raise tickets and manage subscription from here. Within your Profile Settings, you can manage your Personal Information, Change Password, manage your Alerts & Notifications, manage Digest Settings and Submit a Ticket.

Ready to give this new navigation a spin? πŸ™‚ Go straight to your Zonka Feedback account.

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