The Sidebar Navigation in your Zonka Feedback Web Platform helps you switch between all the major and global sections in your account. (Global sections are those which are not dependent on any particular survey). 

Home Icon

The Zonka Icon on the top of the sidebar navigation takes you to the Web Platform Dashboard. On the Dashboard, you can view the following - 

  • Quick Links to getting started and setting up your account 

  • List of most recently active Surveys and quick statistics 

  • Latest Responses 

  • Response Trends Heatmap


The second icon from the top is Manage. Like the name suggests, Manage is your go-to section to manage a lot in your Zonka Feedback account. When you go to Manage, you can see (and manage) the following sections —

  • Surveys — All the surveys and feedback forms you have created in your account. This is open by default. Here you can add and manage surveys as well as get access to the Survey Editing, Custom Alerts, Analytics, and Distribution Center. 

  • Users — All users in your account will be listed here. You can add, remove and manage all users and their access from here. 

  • Locations — Here you can set up Locations (branches) of your business and manage them. 

  • Devices — If you're taking offline surveys and kiosk surveys, you'd be able to see and track all logged in Devices of your account here. 


After Manage on your sidebar navigation in Zonka Feedback is Responses. Responses, on click, leads you to the Response Inbox — where you can see all the Survey and Feedback Responses together. This is the global Response Inbox, i.e. you would be able to see Responses from all Surveys together here. 

Besides viewing Responses, you can filter them, tag them, add tasks, notes and forward them to your team. The Response Inbox gives you ability to view, as well as take action on Responses to Close the Feedback Loop

Here, you can also export Responses


Below Responses is the Contacts Icon on your Zonka Feedback sidebar navigation. Contacts are people you add to your account to distribute surveys to as well as people who have filled out any surveys and feedback form. 

In Contacts, you can —

  • View All Contacts, Contacts with Responses, Contacts with No Responses, Unsubscribed Contacts (those who have opted out of the surveys), and Bounced Contacts (those who the surveys could not be delivered). 

  • Create and Manage Contact Lists 

  • Create and Manage Contact Attributes 


After Contacts on the sidebar navigation is Tasks. Tasks are actions that can be created in Zonka Feedback by a User with a Response or independently, ideally to follow up on a Survey Response or Feedback or to Close the Feedback Loop. 

In the Tasks section, you can —

  • View All Tasks, Pending Tasks, Completed Tasks and Overdue Tasks

  • Create, Filter and Manage Tasks 

Quick Add Button

In the top section of the Sidebar navigation is the Quick Add button. This button allows you to quickly add Survey, Contact, Task, User and Location without having to navigate to different sections. 

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