A website survey is a set of questions that allow you to get quantitative and qualitative feedback on your site. It can appear in different forms, you can embed it in your Website or you can do a pop-up survey or you can have a feedback button on your website. 

How to add a button on your Website?

It is very easy to install a button on your Website using Zonka Feedback. Adding a button to your website is a very simple method. To add, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to Surveys (Manage > Surveys)

  2. Choose the Survey from the Survey List which you'd like to display on your Website

  3. Click on Build > Distribute from the top navigation to navigate to the Distribute Settings.

  4. From here, select Web to configure settings for Website Feedback button.

  5. Once inside the Web Distribute options, select Button and click on Add to configure.

  6. You will be navigated to the Settings for the button from where you can manage your Settings. Read more about Launch Settings, Targeting Settings, and Widget Behavior.

  7. Give a user-friendly name to your Feedback button and Once done, click on Save.

  8. From here, click on View Code.

  9. Copy this code and paste it in the <head> section of your website's HTML.

Feedback Button Appearance & Launch Settings

While you're configuring your Website Feedback Button, the first settings you'd see our Appearance.

  • Click on Appearance to open up the settings.

  • Give a User-friendly name to your feedback button

  • You can choose your preferred adjustments of the Button color, Button text Color, and Button Text appearance. These adjustments make your survey button match the website and make your website look richer.

  • Customize the size, screen, and features appearance as per your preference.

    1. Show Welcome screen - You can toggle on if you want to display the welcome screen on the button or toggle off if you want to display the first question on the screen.
    2. Show Logo - You can toggle on to show your company logo on the survey screen or toggle off if you don't want to display it.
    3. Show Progress - You can toggle on to show the progress bar at the bottom of your survey to indicate to your customers how many questions are left or you can toggle off.
    4. Auto-close on submit - You can toggle on this feature so that immediately once your customer responds to the survey it disappears.

Feedback Button Targetting Settings

You may not want to take feedback from all your Website Visitors but from a section of Visitors. You can specify which users you'd like to display the Feedback button to based on the Targeting Settings.

  • Target select devices: Visitors can access your website on any device - Desktop, Tablet, and Phone. You can choose if you want your Feedback button to display to visitors on all screens or only on select screens.

  • Target select pages: You may want to display the feedback popup only on select pages of your website, for example, on the blog pages, post-checkout page, and so on. You can choose select pages here.

  • Survey a sample: Instead of surveying and taking feedback from all the visitors, you can choose if you'd like the feedback form to be displayed to a select percentage of users as a sample.

Feedback Button Behaviour settings

In the Behavior Settings, you can choose how the Feedback button Widget should behave on your website in terms of how many times should it be visible to the Visitors. You can choose from the following options to display the feedback button:

  • Until they submit a response: This implies that the Feedback Popover will continue to appear for the visitor every time he visits the particular Website or Webpage until they submit a response once. After the response is submitted, the same Visitor will not see the Feedback button again.

  • Only once, even if they submit a response: This implies that the Feedback button will be displayed to the visitor only once, i.e. the first time, and never again. This is irrespective of whether the visitor submits a response or not.

  • Over and over again, even if they submit a response: This implies that the Feedback button will be displayed to the visitor every time the Visitor visits the website or web page.

Once done, click on Save and click on View Code to Copy this code and paste it in the <head> section of your website's HTML.

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