After setting your target criteria, you need to define your surveys' Behaviour. Zonka Feedback allows you to choose when you would like a Survey to invite to appear on a targeted page.

In other words, Behaviour is the way in which your survey needs to behave post-launch of the Widget on your website. You can set when your visitors should see your Feedback Widget and till when it will be visible. 

Here's what is included in your Behaviour settings,

Popup Launch

This is where you choose when your survey has to be viewed by your website visitor. 

  • As soon as the page loads - Once your website is completely loaded, Zonka Feedback's HTML source code gets triggered and your Feedback Widget gets displayed.
    Note - This is the default option. 

  • After a delay of 'y' seconds - After your website gets loaded, The source code gets triggered the specified time lag. It is important for the user to stay in that specific URL for the length of the delay to get the Feedback Widget. 

  • After visitor scrolls 'y' percentage of the page - Once the user reaches the desired percentage of the down page, the widget will be triggered. It is ideal to set 50% down the page. 

Popup Display

In addition to the Launch options, you have other nifty features as well. You can set criteria until when visitors can see the Feedback Widget. In short, it allows you to determine if you want to show it once or more than once.

  • Until they submit a response - The Feedback Widget will appear until your visitors submit a response. 

  • Only once, even if they did not submit a response - This option makes the Feedback Widget visible for the visitor only once. This is the default option. 

  • Everything, even if they have submitted a response - This option allows you to show the same Feedback Widget multiple times to the same user if they fit the targeting parameters you had defined. 

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