Once you have chosen the type of Widget and made all the Appearance changes we need to set our target Audience. 

Should this survey be visible to all my visitors or only to some of them? How do I do this? One simple way is to configure your conditions in the Targeting section.

Where do you have your Targeting Setting?

Once the attractive survey is created, Navigate to the 'Distribute' button and follow the steps below, 

  1. Click on the 'Web.'

  2. Choose the Widget from the below options. 

  3. Select the 'Configure button.'

  4. Click on the 'Targeting' menu from the below options. 

How you can Target?

Step 1: You have an option to Select what all devices the popover/Button should appear on, It can be Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. This option will make sure that your Web Widget is getting displayed in such a way that it matches with your devices. Identifying your Target audience makes your company develop effective marketing. You would know in which device you have a high trafficking and enable your devices based on that.
By default it was be visible on all the 3 devices, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. 

Step 2: Once you are done with the device setting. There comes a question in which page would you like to see the feedback button/popover on? There are 2 possibilities for this, 

  • It can be on all he pages, wherever you have inserted your source code.

  • It can be on the page you specify. You can set conditions like those pages in your website which has your specified words or those pages whose URL has been defined. Based on the selected word/page, your Widget would be visible. 

Step 3: You have an option to set the visibility of the Widget based on the number of users.

  • All users - All the people who visit your website irrespective of their purpose of landing. All your customers are valued. 

  • Percentage of users - You can set what percentage of users can see this Widget. 

  • Users with specific attributes - Based on the set specific attributes of the visitor like their Country, Language, Timezone, Anniversary, Birthday and Gender. This would be visible to different website visitors. (Learn more about Contact Attributes)

Note: You can add more attribute by clicking Add Attribute again.

Advantages of Targeting your Audience:

Knowing your customers better makes you company successful. It is important to target our visitors would helps your company develop effective marketing communication strategies.
Instead of sending your Feedback form to all your users, use this smart way to target your visitors.
This process helps you to find your visitors sharing similar needs or thoughts and makes your company grow.

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