While creating your Feedback Widgets you have an option to make your Feedback Widget display on a specific page and exclude the pages that don't fall in your set Target criteria. In other words, This prevents the widget from appearing on those pages, even if they don't match your targeting criteria.

Where can you set the conditions?

  1. Navigate to Manage > Surveys from the left sidebar.

  2. Choose the specific survey you would like to have as a Web survey.

  3. After selecting your survey, click on Distribute > Web from the top navigation. 

  4. Select the 'Configure button.'

  5. Click on the 'Targeting' menu from the below options. Choose the submenu 'Show the widget on the following' and set the Targeting criteria. 

There are 2 possibilities for this, 

  • On all pages where code is installed - The Feedback Widget will be displayed on all the pages, wherever you have inserted your source code.

  • On the pages I specify - There are 2 options, please refer to the below one

              a) Has this word - The website page that has the specified words will have                                                  the Feedback Widgets displayed.
              b) Is the exact URL - Paste the Specific URLs where the Feedback Widget                                                   should be displayed.

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