Your website is often the first chance you have to market your company’s products and services to your customers. It determines your business success. 

How do we know if we are good? The ideal solution is through Web surveys. 

Web surveys are one of the The Feedback form can be used in many ways as Popover survey or a button on your website. You can configure how and when the your survey widget should appear on your website or blog.
This section in Zonka Feedback enables you to have a Appearance setting, do your visitors Targeting and manage their behavior.  

There are 2 appearance options available in Zonka Feedback, 

1. Pop-up survey 

This type of widget appears either in the center of the screen or you will find them at the sliding at the bottom.
Pop-up surveys should be used wisely used since they run the risk of annoying people, especially if they require a lot of input. This makes sure that your visitors respond to the survey and then move to the next action. We have a standard ways in which the pop-over gets displayed.

Tip: A pop-up survey in the time of exit is appreciated since we can figure out why customers left your website. Don’t ask too many open-ended questions as they take longer to complete. 

2. Button Survey

This type of widget is a button that sits at the edge either right or left side of a web page. You also have an option to have it as a free button and place it anywhere on the website. Users clicks the button and give ratings based on their experience.

Usually answer an open-ended question about how the company could improve their service. Website feedback widgets are an easy way to be constantly listening, and they are the ultimate empathy tool.

Once you have  selected the type of Button choose its appearance by making all the adjustments of the Button color, Button text Color and Button Text. These adjustments makes your survey button match with the website and makes your website look richer.
A website feedback widget could make you aware of this unknown 'unknown.' from your customers.

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