A logic in a survey is implemented to skip through certain pages after a certain condition is met. In other words, one can skip from a page A to page C if one response to a question meets the given condition. Logic reroutes the survey flow based on a particular criteria. You can define a criteria based on parameters like response to a question.

How does it work :-

You can define a logic criteria based on parameters like response to a certain question. Once the criteria has been met, you can - 

  • Branch to a later question in the survey based on previous input - You can skip one or more questions based on the response to the current or previous questions. 
  • Branch respondents to Thank you Page and complete the response - The survey response can be completed if the response meets the specified criteria.

To implement the logic, below are the steps :-

  1. Go to survey editor by clicking on the plus (+) icon on the left hand side bar. On the menu, you get the 'Add Survey' option. Click on it
  2. In the editor, after adding your desired question, hover the mouse over the question.
  3. An option shows up with ‘Add Logic’ on the top. Click on it.
  4. After clicking, a dialogue box opens up with ‘Add Logic’ option in it. Click on it.
  5. Next, you get the options on which conditions you want to skip through the pages.
  6. Click on save after setting up the logic.
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