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Survey Logic - Branching and Skipping Survey Questions using Logic
Survey Logic - Branching and Skipping Survey Questions using Logic
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Survey Logic is implemented to skip through certain questions and screens after a certain condition in a particular question is met. In other words, Survey Respondents can skip from Question 1 to Question 3 if the response to Question 1 meets the set Skip Logic and Condition. Logic reroutes the Survey flow based on the particular criteria that you set. You can define criteria based on responses to a question.

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Why add Survey Logic and how does it work?

In Zonka Feedback, you can add Survey Logic to Questions in your Survey. When adding the Logic, you'd be setting up a condition, for example, if in Question 1, Option 1 is selected, then skip to Screen 3.

Survey Logic helps in making your survey more relevant to the respondents as they only answers relevant to them. It makes the survey shorter and more effective and hence improve Survey Response Rate.

Setting up Survey Logic in your Zonka Feedback Surveys

  • Click on the Manage Icon from the left hand navigation and choose the Survey from Survey List View to which you'd like to add Survey Logic and go to the Survey Builder by selecting Build from the top navigation

  • Once in the Survey Builder, navigate to the question to which you'd like to add the logic

  • Hover your mouse to the question in the Survey Builder and click on the Manage Logic Icon

  • A pop up will open wherein you can add details for the Logic. The pop up will have four drop downs to select Answer Choice, Condition, Action and Question.
    The Answer Choice drop down is the Answer Choices in the Question.
    The Condition drop down has two choices 'Selected' and 'Not Selected' (in case of Single Selection Questions) and 'Filled' or 'Not Filled' (in case of Text Fields and Comment Boxes).
    The Action drop down has two choices 'Skip to' or 'Hide'.
    The Question drop down has all the Questions following the selected one in this survey.

  • For each Answer Choice, you can choose the Condition, Action and the Question to which you'd like to send the Survey Respondent to. You can also send the Survey Respondent to the Exit Screen based on any Answer Choice.

  • Click on Save Logic to save the logic and close the pop up.

Questions that support Survey Logic

Almost all questions in Zonka Feedback support Survey Logic. The complete list of questions that support and don't support Survey Logic is mentioned below.

Questions that support Survey Logic in Zonka Feedback

  • Text Box

  • Dropdown

  • Button Question

  • Radio Button

  • Checkbox

  • Picture Choice

  • Date

  • Legal Terms

  • Matrix / Rating Scale

  • Rating 3, 4 and 5

  • CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Question)

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score Question)

  • CES (Customer Effort Score Question)

  • 0-10 Scale

  • Full Name

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • External ID

  • Mobile Number

  • Gender

Questions that don't support Survey Logic in Zonka Feedback

  • Section Break

  • Ranking

  • Image Capture

Skip Logic vs Hide Logic

You can opt to skip or hide a follow up question in the survey based on the response of a question simply by selecting the type of logic you wish to create.

Redirection Based on Location

You can add logic based on the respondent's location as well. The logic will behave with respect to the locations in which the survey is being taken.

Tips & Tricks for adding Question and Survey Logic in your Survey

  • Always add all your questions in the correct order first and add Logic to your Survey in the end because after adding Survey Logic if you move around your questions, the logic will get removed.

  • Preview your Survey and test it multiple times with all possible Survey Logic paths before sending the Survey to your Contacts.

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