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Zonka Feedback is a Customer & Employee Feedback Software & Survey App. With it, you can capture data and take feedback from customers and employees at multiple channels and touch points, view responses in real-time, get insightful reports and take action to close the feedback loop. 

Here's how you can get started: 

  1. Create your Zonka Feedback Account
  2. Create and customize your Survey
  3. Choose a Survey Channel (platform you'd like to use to send surveys) 
  4. Determine who to Survey
  5. Send the Survey and Get Responses
  6. View real-time Responses
  7. Get insightful Feedback Reports
  8. Take action and Close the Feedback Loop

1. Create your Zonka Feedback Account

If you've already signed up for an account, you're good to go. If not, you can sign up here for your Zonka Feedback account. 

2. Create and Customize your Survey

With Zonka Feedback, you can create different types of surveys, based on your business requirements. These include: NPS Surveys, CES Surveys, CSAT Surveys, Offline & Kiosk Surveys, and Mobile Form. You can also choose from expert survey template or create your survey from scratch. 

Any survey you start with can be completely customized. The customization you can do include: 

  • Survey Theme & Branding: You can customize the survey theme and branding to match your company branding including background colors, background image, company logo, font colors, font type). 
  • Survey Questions: Questions can be added and modified based on the survey requirements. Learn about all different Types of Survey Questions available in Zonka Feedback. 
  • Introduction & Thank You Screens: Add and customize Introduction & Thank You Screens for your Survey. 
  • Add Survey Logic: Make your surveys more effective with adding Survey Logic based on answer choices made by respondents. Learn about Survey Logic
  • Create Multilingual Surveys: Looking at surveying people in different languages? Create your surveys in multiple languages so respondents can choose which language they'd like to respond in. Learn about Multi-lingual Surveys

3. Choose a Survey Channel

After creating a survey, you can decide how you'd like to collect responses from your audience. You can choose from multiple survey channels in Zonka Feedback. These include: 

You can also use multiple Survey Channels to start collecting responses and taking feedback. 

4. Determine who to Survey

Once your survey is ready and you've decided which channels and platforms to use for surveying your respondents, you need to determine who you'd like to survey. 

If you're using Tablets & Kiosks, by default, the respondents will be those that visit your premises and fill out the feedback forms.

In case of Email and SMS Surveys, you can add Contacts or upload a list of Contacts to distribute your surveys. You can also add additional information while adding the Contacts. These are called Contact Properties and are very handy when you're looking at responses and reports. 

When you're embedding the Web Survey on your website or using Web Widgets, you can decide some conditions to display the survey to a set of audience. 

5. Send the Survey and Get Responses

Once your survey is ready, platform is decided and you have determined who you'd like to survey - you can now send out your survey to get responses!

6. View real-time Responses

With Zonka Feedback, you can view the Responses and Feedbacks coming in, all in real-time at the Response Inbox. The Response Inbox is designed to give you a complete view of the responses including all answers, comments and the Customer Satisfaction Metrics - NPS, CES and CSAT Scores. 

7. Get insightful Feedback Reports 

Besides viewing individual Responses, with Zonka Feedback, you can get very detailed, insightful and comprehensive Survey & Feedback Reports instantly. These Reports can be accessed from your Web Dashboard anywhere, on the go. You can filter the reports, save them, download them and schedule them to your inbox. 

The Feedback Reports include: 

  • Snapshot 
  • Insights Report - Responses, Locations, Device Users
  • Response Inbox
  • Trends 
  • Text Analytics
  • Tags Report 

Learn more about Feedback Reports & Analytics

8. Take action and Close the Feedback Loop 

Just taking feedback and viewing responses isn't enough. It is also important to act on feedback - to appreciate the happy customers and to reach out to the unhappy ones and resolve their issues. Zonka Feedback allows you to take action and close the feedback loop. You can add tags to your Responses, create tasks for yourself and team, take action and resolve issues.

Learn more about Closing the Feedback Loop

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